Solidifying Habits & Sustaining Motivation in 2022

As one of my colleagues has written before, often times we think that when we do better, we'll feel better.

"Once I'm fit, I'll feel strong."

"Once I win, I'll feel confident."

"Once I make more money, I'll feel worthy."

"Once I am acknowledged for my contributions, I'll feel fulfilled."

Unfortunately, this is not how it works. The reality is that our emotions - or how we feel - drives our behaviour.

Feeling strong will motivate you to become more fit.

Feeling confident will lead to more success.

Feeling worthy will enhance your ability to make more money.

Feeling happy and fulfilled by what you do each day will allow you to make more contributions and receive acknowledgement and appreciation from people around you.

To get the results you want to see in 2022, it is imperative that you focus on how you FEEL so you can go off and achieve those goals . Dig deep, get specific, and write down how you want to be feeling, and then drop down into those feelings as if you already feel that exact way. This will drive your behaviour towards doing the actions necessary to reach that desired outcome.

If you want to successfully implement change into your life to achieve your goals, you must create a deep, internal connection to the desired outcome. Doing this will help sustain your motivation to keep putting in the required work. Whether you want to regularly get into the gym, practice daily meditation, or lose a certain amount of weight, it is important to solidify your connection to that habit.

Part of how we do this is by practicing emotional self-awareness before, during, and after these activities by recognizing how this new habit makes you feel. For example, after an intense run on the treadmill I feel energized and clear headed. By taking the time to sit with how I feel after that new habit, I create a mental anchor to that feeling. This way, when I find myself feeling sluggish, lazy, or tired, I am able to reconnect with that outcome feeling, drop into that high-energy emotional state and create the motivation from within myself to get up and complete the activity and remain accountable to your habits and goals.

Next time you are performing a new activity, check in with your emotions by asking yourself:

· How do I feel before starting this activity?

· How do I feel during this activity?

· How do I feel after this activity?

Then create the mental anchor you will need in moments of weakness/laziness by solidifying how good that task makes you feel. Connect that feeling to a word, phrase, image, or movement to quickly allow you to get into that high-quality state that will motivate you to get the job done!


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